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Agent Referral

Let's face it, most Real Estate Sales agents & brokers are not interested in the hassles associated with Property Management. Real Estate Sales is a competitive business. And with it comes with a host of professional obligations that encumber you from handling the demands of Property Management at a world-class level of service.

In addition to this, most agents may not realize the requirements associated with professionally managing a property. This involves setting up the proper business & trust accounts, developing a robust vendor network, employing the right partnerships & software for things like resident qualification, owner & tenant portals, rent collection and even tax reconciliation.

We want to simplify this process for you in a way that leaves you, your investors and your tenants, completely satisfied with their experience. After all, it's your reputation! Mishandling a rental property, even in the smallest way, can put your license at risk.

At Morris Green Properties, relationships are everything to us. We understand the value of protecting your client network and would never jeopardize the hard work you invested to win their business in the first place.

That's why we developed our agent referral program.To give your clients the service they expect and give you,their trusted sales agent, peace of mind in knowing that Property Management referrals will NEVER result in a lost sale.

We offer monetary referrals to agents who refer clients to our company for Full-Service Management or Tenant Placement services. In addition, we'll provide a signed referral agreement which guarantees if, for any reason your client elects to liquidate their asset,then we will option the property back to you to list and sell, no questions asked.

Please consider us your personal, reliable resource in Property Management.

Contact us today and discover for yourself how we can work together to combine our complimentary services.

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